The Coaching Podcast

Mehrban Iranshad
05 November 2017
Emma interviews host of The Tennis Files Podcast, Mehrban Iranshad.

Manu 'Swish' Goswami
09 September 2017
Simon interviews Manu 'Swish' Goswami, one of the worlds top youth entrepreneurs, public speakers and venture capitalists. A coach and mentor for young, up and coming entrepreneurs looking to make their.

Sonya Karras & Sacha Kaluri
18 August 2017
Emma Interviews Motivational Speakers, Commentators and recent Authors on how to deal with issues facing Teenagers and Families, Sonya Karras & Sacha Kaluri.

Bill Riddle
07 August 2017
Emma and Simon explore how to deal with fear around things like public speaking and the technique Emma uses to make her speeches more effective.

Shelley Flett
11 July 2017
Simon interviews Shelley Flett, Melbourne based leadership development coach and consultant. Shelley provides tremendous insight and value with highlights including her take on what makes a great coach.

Gigi Fernandez
20 June 2017
Emma interviews Gigi Fernandez, tennis coach and winner of 17 Grand Slam doubles crowns & two Olympic Gold Medals.

'The Bucket List Guy' Travis Bell
01 June 2017
Travis Bell, 'The Bucket List Guy' is interviewed by Emma. With an episode chock full of interesting discussion and moments, including Simon revealing his musical 'talents' and Emma providing a fascinating insight to her.

Judy Murray
27 April 2017
Emma interviews the most famous tennis mum in the world and a champion of girls and women's tennis, Judy Murray.

Claude Silver
17 March 2017
Simon interviews Claude Silver, Chief Heart Officer for Gary Vaynerchuk's company VaynerMedia.

Ali Minbashian
14 March 2017
Simon interviews business coach Ali Minbashian from ActionCOACH. Ali reveals insights into a particularly challenging week early in his career that was certainly bittersweet.

Allistair McCaw
02 March 2017
Emma interviews world leading sports performance coach, Allistair McCaw where he reveals how failing everyday is a major weapon in his own coaching success.

Tim Simons
21 February 2017
Tim Simons from Build Coaching is interviewed by Simon Blair and he reveals a challenging story of a major incident in his first year as a professional coach and gives us the 3C's of coaching success.

Jeff Zalzenstein
22 January 2017
Emma interviews Jeff Salzenstein, former top 100 ATP and founder of Emma and Simon discuss some great concepts thrown up by Jeff including the importance of the coaches search for those 'aha' moments and in having a 'growth mindset'.

Dr. Steve Barlow
22 December 2016
Simon interviews his first business coach, Dr. Steve Barlow from 'The Change Gym'. Steve specialises in helping individuals and teams with their change fitness and change readiness

Kyle LaCroix
22 December 2016
Emma spent a number of weeks in the United States attending various tennis events and conferences where she managed to interview some terrific leading coaches in the sport.

Simon Blair & Emma Doyle
22 December 2016
In this first ever episode of The Coaching Podcast, producer Jane Nield interviews the show's hosts Simon Blair & Emma Doyle.


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