Gamification – Is it just another buzz word?

Key take-home values: Understanding how to engage and motivate the next generation

  • What are the 5 motivations of gamificiation?
  • How to practically apply the gamification principles
  • Motivational tools to embrace pressure and experience success

Coaching Female Players

Key take-home values: Be sensitive to their needs and show them a pathway

  • Understanding the developmental needs of young girls, teen girls & mature women
  • Motivation is linked to their core values – take time to know what they value
  • The secrets to success behind the Girl Power Camps

Effective Communication Strategies

Key take-home values: Accelerate your Language Patterns

  • Understanding the developmental needs of your players
  • Common metaphors – how to reframe your language patterns
  • How to be more indirect and ask great questions

Parent Language Tips – “tell me more”

Key take-home values: Understand yourself, your partner and your child

  • Top reasons for burnout and how to avoid this trap
  • Communication tips pre, during and post competition
  • Effective questioning skills to ignite curiosity
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