Gamification – Is it just another buzz word?

Key take-home values: Understanding how to engage and motivate the next generation of players.

  • What are the 5 motivations of gamificiation?
  • How to practically apply the gamification principles
  • Motivational tools to embrace pressure and experience failure and success frequently

Coaching Female Players

Key take-home values: Follow before your Lead because girls don't really care what you know until they know that you care

  • Understanding the developmental needs of young girls, teen girls & mature women
  • Motivation is linked to their core values – take time to know what they value
  • The Secrets to GIRL POWER CAMPS https://www.acecoach.com.au/how-to-run-a-girl-power-camp – Engage. Develop. Empower.

Effective Communication Strategies

Key take-home values: Accelerate your Language Patterns

  • Understanding the developmental needs of your players
  • Common metaphors andcue words – how to reframe your language patterns
  • How to be more indirect and ask great questions to unleash human potential

Presentation Blueprinthttps://www.acecoach.com.au/presentation-blueprint – Boost your speaking confidence

Key take-home values: You will learn about how to be better prepared, how to build a relationship with your audience (and/or players) so that you have the courage to deliver presentations and lessons with impact true to your own style

  • Preparation – learn how to unpack your IP in an elegant way to engage your audience.
  • Relationships – learn how to pace and lead your audience with different techniques.
  • Courage – adopt an anchor and affimration to help build your confidence to deliver an impactful presentation.
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