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I believe in anchoring and visualisation.

I practice what I teach and it is definitely a major point of difference between being successful and wanting to be successful.


My two favorite tracks are GIRL by Sharon Martin and "This is me" with Keala Settle from The Greatest Showman

Would love you to share what your tracks are?

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Grazie mille ...

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Unleashing Female Potential

Emma Doyle has worked for many years as a tennis coach. She has worked with tennis players and coaches alike, and she shares her ideas for unleashing female potential through the lessons learned on the tennis court. Emma is an innovative international speaker, mentor, coach and consultant impacting and inspiring over 100,000 tennis players and coaches over the past 20 years. Emma's mission is to empower more female players and coaches in all sports; aiming to inspire, improve and impact the communication, coordination and confidence of people around the world.